Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flying High with L'Otite (Ear Inflammation)

Two weeks until P-day, and I have the rotten luck to come down with a full-on upper-respiratory infection. Sinuses, ear, the whole nine yards. Merde.

Frequent traveler that I am, I know that there is nothing that can make air travel more unpleasant than an ear inflammation (une otite) in French (and that's saying something these days). I wouldn't fly from here to Jackson with a sinus/ ear infection, let alone brave a transatlantic flight. One of the banes of traveling this time of year.

I also know that when I get one of these things, they tend to linger for weeks, if not months, turning me into one of the Phlegm Sisters. Nuh, uh. So not happening this Christmas. So today, I hightailed it to my doctor, explained my dilemma and got the goods --a shot and some antibiotics plus a load of good advice. Believe it or not, I am already feeling much better. That stuff is good!

So if you're planning on flying anywhere (Paris or otherwise) and you feel a sinus infection or pressure in your middle ear, get you to a doctor fast. That is, unless a ruptured eardrum actually is on your Christmas list.

Also (and I am passing on my doctor's medical advice not making this up) plan on chewing a lot of gum, sucking on hard candy or drinking a lot of fluids during your entire flight not just takeoff and landing, to keep your ears clear. Now how I am going to pull this off during a 10-hour flight when I'm supposed to be sleeping is a whole 'nother issue. Hopefully the selection of in-flight movies is good.
One "doctoring" issue down.Now if we could just find someone to doctor up those in-flight meals.

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