Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eating in Paris: Sorza

The landlady, Emmanuelle, recommended this little Italian bistro down the street for dinner on the first night. Really, I cannot stress how convenient everything is here on the island. I don't see why people would ever need to leave.

Sorza is one of those tiny (fewer than 25 seats) restaurants so popular here. It's very chic and attracts a young, hip crowd late at night. The staff is very friendly. All seem to speak English, but indulge my bad French.

I order the penne carbonara with panna cotta with two-fruit coulis for dessert. It's good, but not great. I've had better Italian food. The fixed price menu is not a bad deal, however.

Verdict: It's one of those places that looks like a picture in a chic travel magazine. It gets a high grade on style and service. The food isn't bad, but I don't plan to eat here again on this trip.

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