Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eating in Paris: Aux Anysetiers du Roy

This pretty little place just down the street from the apartment attracted me with its sparkly blue lights. ButI must admit, I was really drawn in by their handsome maitre d', a strapping orange fellow with a big pink nose and full set of white whiskers like those on my Henry. He had a bit of Monsieur Henri's attitude as well. After strolling by and allowing me to pull his tail twice, he retired upstairs with the missus, a sweet and shy Siamese. And just when I was in need of some kitty love (I was really missing my babies by day 4). Eh bien.

Now for the food. The beef filet was tender. The mushroom gravy was a little too thick (and dare I say "canned" tasting without starting an international incident) but it was redeemed by the dessert, a fudgy square of pave au chocolat dusted with gold leaf and swimming in a pool of creme anglaise.

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