Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eating in Paris: Cafe Med

Parisians love to eat out and love to eat late. I like to eat out, but prefer eating early, especially while suffering from jet lag. With it's pinkish-red walls, this whimsical little cafe just down the street from the apartment reminded me a lot of one of my favorite bistros in New Orleans, Lilette's. Unfortunately, their duck confit was not as Lilette's However, the salad with Roquefort cheese (and, oh is the cheese good in Paris) and Bayonne ham was delicious as was my crepe St. Louis for dessert (lots of gooey dark chocolate, toasted almonds and fresh whipped cream).

On this cold December night, it was almost like eating in my own private restaurant. The proprietor is the quintessential Frenchwoman of a certain age, self-possessed and elegant with the moxie -- and figure -- to carry off a tousled silver do, red lips and perfectly tailored leather pants. Damn, these women have style.

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