Saturday, June 19, 2010

French Movies: A Man and A Woman (starring Anouk Aimee's Hair)

One of the things I always do before a Paris trip is watch French movies. They get me in the mood and immerse me in the language as it's spoken over there (as opposed to the more formal French on language tapes). I always pick up a few new phrases with every film I watch. They also provide an interesting perspective on French culture and style.

One of my favorites is "A Man and Woman." Made in 1966, it still feels absolutely contemporary. And so stylish. Critics of the movie call it "banal," and it is -- in a good way. Because it isn't really plot-driven (the only question is does boy actually get girl) and there isn't much action, viewers can focus on the interaction between the characters and the movie's incredible style.

I am mesmerized by Anouk Aimee's hair in this movie. I want my hair to look like this -- a timeless bob with long sexy, layers that still looks good windblown or after she runs her fingers through it (and she does -- constantly) . Her clothes are timeless, too, as they are in every movie. She is my style icon.

But it's that hairstyle I truly envy.

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